After one of the more hectic weeks I’ve had in recent memory, summer holiday is finally here.  I’m off tomorrow for a quick trip to the World Expo in Shanghai before heading back to the US on Monday.

Will be back in a couple of weeks with a review of Bruce Chatwin’s The Songlines as well as whatever else I get to reading on the 18 hour journey from Shanghai to New York.  Still haven’t picked out reading material yet, but I have a few cheap thrillers that would make perfect airplane reads.  Stay tuned….



  1. “Cheap thrillers” or “trashy literature” make for the best airplane reading material. I like to be sucked into a page turner so I don’t think about my restless legs or the crumbly muffins they always seem to serve. Happy travels!

    1. Anything where the mind can disengage & seek autopilot is the best travel material.
      have a pleasant mindless flight & an joyous homecoming

  2. 18 hours on a plane? Yikes. I took Middlemarch on my last plane trip, and while it wasn’t as boring a read as I expected, the size of the book was monstruous. On my next trip, I’ll aim for reading that is light in physical weight as well as content.

  3. Thanks for the wishes everyone! Ended up bringing along a sci-fi thriller called Chung Kuo: The Middle Kingdom. Didn’t read as much as I would like as I have a horrible attention span when I’m on an airplane.
    @Chelle – Completely agree about needing mindless books. And no crumbly muffins on this flight.
    @parrishlantern – Thanks for the wishes!
    @Charley – good point about ‘light’ reading. I generally tend to only carry old mass-market paperback sized books onto long flights. With luggage allowances and restrictions the way they are these days, I half expect to get charged extra for any book larger than that.

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