End of Hiatus

Now that life has gotten back to some semblance of normalcy and routine, its possible once again to keep up with those activities which, while not terribly critical to daily existence, bring a measure of satisfaction and happiness.  In my life, this blog happens to be one of those things.  While my reading has continued unabated throughout this whirlwind of a summer, I’ve missed writing.  Before starting this blog, I was just as avid a reader as I am today.  But, the writing adds an extra dimension, a chance to allow thoughts to percolate and mature.  Just as importantly, it allows for an exchange of ideas which can be just as invigorating as actually reading the books.

So, it’s with sincere happiness that I now find myself with the time to once again write about what I’m reading.



  1. Welcome back Pete! Missed your take on all things literary. Glad to see you enjoyed the Larsson books. I loved the first but the second, not so much.

    Take care!

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