Wouk and King: The Serendipitous Connection

I’ve been reading Herman Wouk’s 1971 epic Winds of War over the past two weeks and, yesterday, I started wondering if he was still writing.  Wouk’s old – well into his 90’s – but he’s nothing if not prolific and has been publishing continuously well into his later years.

So, I pulled up Google and did a search.  The first result?  Stephen King, one of my favorite authors, has published a short story this month in The Atlantic titled “Herman Wouk Is Still Alive.”   It’s a rather dark story, but the titular conceit is that Herman Wouk is still writing at the age of 96.  It’s fun, serendipitous connections like this that, while small and trivial, can make one wonder about coincidence.

Anyway, I highly recommend King’s story in The Atlantic.  It completely forgoes any hint of the supernatural to tell a simple, but tragic, human story.  Also, The Atlantic published an accompanying interview with the author which sheds light on the story’s genesis as well as Kings view on the current state of short fiction and the creative process.  Good stuff.



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