The Things You Remember…

I’m not a fan of Hollywood autobiographies.  For the most part, I don’t really care about  the drug addictions/blistering divorces/sleazy agents/clandestine affairs/insider back-stabbing of the rich and famous.  But, I’ll make the occasional exception.

So, with a four hour flight delay, I found myself reading, and enjoying, Michael Caine’s Elephant to Hollywood.  It’s fun to know that Steve Martin was almost painfully shy while making Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.   The image of Sean Connery unleashing a stream of profanities while snapping a five-iron in half is pretty funny.  But, what will probably stick with me most, despite its inanity, is Caine’s first screen name – Michael Scott.

Those of you who watch ridiculously stupid television (as I unapologetically do) will get why it’s funny.  For those of you who don’t – consider yourself better off.




  1. I Guess I must be one of the better off, although curiosity has a Sharp stick & enjoys poking me. Just finished reading a great book by Alberto Manguel – Homer’s. The Illiad & The Odyssey, which like a lot of Manguel’s books deal with the subject of reading, this particular one is VIA the medium of Homer’s influence on Literature.

  2. I like odd biography from time to time last film one I read was orson Welles ,which I enjoyed he was a character and in some ways a guy that waste his talent after early success would imagine Caine’s full of little nuggets he has work with most of the modern greats ,all the best stu

  3. @parrish – that’s a great line about curiosity, but you are one of the better off. That book sounds interesting, I read The Odyssey in college and remember really liking it.
    @Stujallen – Orson Welles’ must have been fascinating. Caine’s was full of fun little tidbits. It was interesting to hear little bits about so many movies that I’ve loved. He also has a great voice – very grandfatherly. Thanks for coming by!

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