When cliche is truth…

I agree that “This blew me away” is pretty much of a non-starter when it comes to class discussion of a novel (or a short story, or a poem), but I would argue it’s still the beating heart of fiction. “This blew me away” is what every reader wants to say when he closes a book, isn’t it? And isn’t it exactly the sort of experience most writers want to provide?

Stephen King, in discussing William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.  Read the entire piece here.



  1. A great piece, it’s always interesting to find out what has had a profound impact on the writers we admire, and also a fantastic way of finding new or new to you writers. My whole reading history has been following the trails & signposts left by writers I admire.

  2. A lot of people shit on King because she’s overproducing (hence the quality of his stuff being volatile), but he’s a thinking man.Whenever he talks about fiction, he often makes an excellent point.

    1. I completely agree. He’s smart and he knows what hes talking about when it comes to fiction. As to his quality being volatile, I’d agree to a point but I still think most of what he puts out is great to read. Thanks for coming by!

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